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    Friday Funny

      Pastor and comedian Brodrick Rice on TBN doing impressions of Bishop Jakes, Bishop Eddie Long, Pastor Joel Osteen and more. It’s hilarious! Check it out!!

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    When the thorn remains.

    A few weeks ago, a pastor of another church visited mine and led a special service. It was for the purpose of healing- spiritually, physically, emotionally or whatever. I wound up last…

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    Why are people such jerks?

     (Source) Between the stink of politics, private citizens playing stalkerazzi via Reddit and just all out bad behavior by people who should know better, I’ve been thinking about jerks a lot lately.…

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    This Is No Small Wonder

      Workers putting together the robo-baby boy. Definitely the strangest news I’ve read in a while. Although the story of robo-children is familiar (remember the 1980’s sitcom “Small Wonder“?), this is totally…

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    My increasing irrelevancy.

    Don’t trust anyone over thirty. -Jerry Rubin If that quote above is to be believed, I’ve got only a few more months left of trustworthiness. At least to those who are under…

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    Mimicking the mainstream. Music as background patina

    (Source)   Continuing with the responses I received from “Christian Music Suckage,” I’d like to welcome Ben H. Rome (@bhrome), a Washington, D.C. based writer, blogger and game designer (and in my…

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    Author Interview: Angelica Perez

    One of the sweetest people I have yet to have had the pleasure of meeting, Angelica Perez, has experienced enough in her life to have left her bitter. She’s a veteran of…

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    We survived Sandy.

    Hi! We’re okay! Yay! Thanks to those who were concerned and prayed. We really appreciate it. Here’s a rundown of how this week went: Sunday: While the sky remained ominous all day,…

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    Clark Kent, Blogger

     (Mashable) I suppose it was bound to happen. Clark Kent, AKA Superman, has left his long time job as a Daily Planet reporter. From Mashable: According to USA Today, he doesn’t go…