People (and episodes) stack so well.




Joe has a way of harassing me into watching shows I wouldn’t normally view. Sometimes because I’m too busy. Other times, I just don’t feel like investing time and energy into a show that may crash and burn (see “Heroes”, “Last Resort“, “Law & Order:LA“, or whatever the heck is currently happening with this season of “Community“). But he wore me down with the Netflix original “House of Cards.” Part of what makes it so delicious (besides the excellent and creepy performance of Kevin Spacey and his well-matched “wife” Robin Wright) is the way it was released. All thirteen episodes viewable at one time. No slow wait, just instant gratification. While Joe told me some reviewers were put off by this binge viewing option, I love it. It’s how I watched “The Wire.” It’s how I wind up watching a lot of shows nowadays, blocks at a time. “House of Cards”, tightly written, set in lush surroundings and beautifully shot, is perfect for such watching. I’m not the only one who feels this way, either:





How do you watch TV? Do you even watch TV, lol? If you do and have Netflix, I highly recommend “House of Cards.” Much more interesting than hearing 24/7 coverage about the Sequester. Or the other Sequester.



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