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  • CoviDiaries: Easter and my Totem.

    It doesn’t quite feel like Easter, but I know it’s coming.

  • Lent 2020, Day 24: This is a story about control.

    Me: Got my own mind
    I wanna make my own decisions.
    When it has to do with my life, my life
    I wanna be the one in control.

    Corona: Ha.

  • Some Lenten Stuff, Fourth Sunday: I’ve been here before. Sort of.

    Sitting up in my room,
    Back here thinking ’bout the flu
    I must confess,
    I’m a mess
    Wondrin’ what to do.

  • Lent 2020, Days 14 & 15: When anxiety spreads faster than COVID-19.

    King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on anxiety.

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    PSA: So you noticed I’m disabled…

      … and I am. Now get over it.    It’s summer, and the more I go out, the more I run into people who get spontaneous, explosive, diarrhea of the mouth…

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    What to expect when you’re expecting…

    September 2016, and I have (some) hair.     … to get better, but haven’t. Yet.  It’s been four months since I had the Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) at Northwestern in…

  • Baby, I’m just soggy from the chemo.

        On the April 12th, I underwent the first round of chemotherapy for the stem cell transplant at Northwestern. I was given a rather large, private room, complete with a spectacular…

  • I am not my hair.

        “Breast cancer and chemotherapy Took away her crownin’ glory She promised God if she was to survive She would enjoy every day of her life, oh On national television Her…

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    The fault in my stars.

      I’ve never been into astrology.   Not just because I was raised that in fell into the category of the “occult” and was not to be dabbled in, but because it…

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          I hope by now you’ve signed my Change.org petition to tell Horizon Blue Cross & Blue Shield of New Jersey to cover the stem cell transplant I need. If…