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  • Some Lenten Stuff, Fourth Sunday: I’ve been here before. Sort of.

    Sitting up in my room,
    Back here thinking ’bout the flu
    I must confess,
    I’m a mess
    Wondrin’ what to do.

  • It's 90's, 00's, and 10s Li- and in this post we'll do even more time traveling.

    Some Sunday Stuff: January 12th.

    Some of the biggest music trends of the teens, some of the top wedding gowns of the past century, some of the best children’s books of the past year, and some time traveling with Alicia Keys. It’s this week’s Some Sunday Stuff.

  • Some Sunday Stuff: December 8th.

    Hola! I’ve been playing Christmas music all week… but haven’t pulled our Christmas tree out the closet yet. I did put the wreath on the door and some garland and lights up…

  • IMG 9556

    Some Sunday Stuff: September 29th.

    Look, we’re obviously so busy and laser-focused on work and stuff. So busy we had to pose for a timed selfie, of course. How did I get here? I don’t mean here-here…

  • kg1

    Some Sunday Stuff: December 23rd.

    Merry Christmas Eve’s Eve! If you’re still doing last minute holiday shopping/ cooking/ cleaning/ running ragged, I understand! I spent the hours before my mom-in-law flew in from Trinidad on Friday literally…

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    Some Sunday Stuff: September 24th.

    Happy Sunday! It’s been a couple of months since my last “Some… Stuff”, so let’s kick off the start of Fall with some links, shall we? (Getty Images)   First up, this…

  • IMG 9225

    Some Sunday Stuff: July 23rd.

    Zoe is 6!   Happy Sunday! It was quite the week in news- Kermit got fired, R. Kelly may be head of a creepy cult, the Juice is (about to be) loose,…

  • 71617

    Some Sunday Stuff: July 16th.

      I love these flowers. Like a little bit of the tropics. (Photo taken by me)   Happy Sunday! Let’s get to the links. First up, I have to strongly recommend Crash…

  • jaybo.png.CROP.promo xlarge2

    Some Sunday Stuff: July 9th.

    (Video screen grab)    Happy Sunday, All. Have you seen Jay Z’s video for “The Story of O.J.?” I’m so utterly fascinated by the thing. Check it out:     (Video screen…

  • z7117

    Some Sunday Stuff: July 2nd.

    My Z this past week.. 🙂   Happy Fourth of July Weekend. Hope you’ll find time to take in some rays at the beach, lake or park. Or maybe have a backyard…