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  • Lent 2020, Day 39: It is finished.

    With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

  • Lent 2020, Day 38: The dark night of Jesus’ Soul.

    “We all try to accept with some sort of submission our afflictions when they actually arrive. But the prayer in Gethsemane shows that the preceding anxiety is equally God’s will and equally part of our human destiny. The perfect Man experienced it. And the servant is not greater than the master. We are Christians, not Stoics.”

  • Lent 2020, Palm Sunday: Hosanna in the highest heaven.

    Life moves fast.

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    The Problem is… you think you’re in control.

    Getting IVIG through a peripheral IV in my right hand in 2012. (photo, my own)   Just think of this post as a little corollary to Tuesday’s. I realized pretty much as…

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    The Problem is… you think you have time.

    Clockwise from top right: Jean-Michel Basquiat (image cr.); Dr. Martin Luther King with wife, Coretta, and daughter, Bernice (image cr.); Amy Winehouse (image cr.); and Marilyn Monroe (image cr.).   It’s Holy…

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    Lent- Day 38: Tonight we eat and drink, for tomorrow He dies.

    The Last Supper.   Today is Maundy Thursday, A.K.A., the day before Black Friday. From Wikipedia:   Maundy Thursday (also known as Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday,…

  • hosanna

    Lent- Palm Sunday: Hosanna

    (Image Source: Youtube)   Happy Palm Sunday! Today’s song is Israel Haughton’s “Hosanna”. I hope you have a blessed Holy Week. Please remember to say a prayer for our Coptic Brothers and…