After reposting “What Happened to Miss Independent?” last week, I fell into a 90’s pop music trance. It started when I clicked on the link to Kelly Clarkson’s hit song of the same name, but quickly turned into a good thirty minutes of musical nostalgia featuring Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Jordan Knight. Yes, Jordan “NKOTB” Knight. I only stopped when a not-impressed Zoe demanded breakfast. And maybe the mute button, too.


Coincidentally, I saw this collection of “25 Boy Band Shoots That Went Horribly Wrong” and I realized that stylist in the decade of Slick Willie must’ve been smoking some pretty strong stuff. Check this beauties out:




8. The time Lance fell into the bathtub and everyone laughed at him.






4. That time AJ was visibly upset that he didn’t get to wear the giant baggy BSB jacket.




10. That time the wardrobe department ordered Jordan’s vest three sizes too small and he had to wear it anyway.





Do see the other twenty-two reasons why former boy banders are in therapy at Buzzfeed here.


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