Lent 2022, Day 6: Restore Our Life.

Tonight, a lovely poem by my dear friend Thomas DeFreitas, “Restore Our Life.”

Restore our life, O God of grace,
For you are health and joy and peace:
Your saving help will never cease;
        We bless your name.
O healing hand, O truest friend,
Whose care unstinting knows no end,
To us inviting arms extend:
        Blest be your name!

At morning glow, we sing our praise;
We sing to cool the noonday blaze;
We sing as starlight ends our days
        To you, Most High:
O strength and solace, refuge, rest,
By you our hearts would be possessed,
Our kindest comfort and the best,
        O God Most High.

Forgive us every reckless wrong,
O God of silence, God of song;
In your safe keeping we belong,
        Unfailing Love!
So shrive our sin, and make us free
To contemplate you happily,
Rejoicing for eternity
        In your sweet love. 

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