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  • Lent 2024, Day 11: Beloved.

    “Shame is a soul eating emotion.”

    ― Carl Gustav Jung

  • Lent 2022, Day 6: Restore Our Life.

    “As starlight ends our days”

  • Some Sunday Stuff: Second Week of Advent, 2021.

    So many people use your name in vain
    Those who have faith in you sometimes go astray
    Through all the ups and downs, the joys, and hurts
    For better or worse I still will choose you first

  • CoviDiaries: Advent & Love.

    “Love, actual love, is action. It’s a choice… it’s continual choosing. It doesn’t end after the picture is snapped and saved and even shared and, funnily, “loved” by others. It’s sweeping your beloved off her feet- and lifting her incoherent, babbling self off the floor.”

  • Lent 2020, Day 36: Drown out the annoyance.

    Remember, we ALL are made in God’s image- even those of us who perform renditions of “Stomp!” in cement tap shoes.

  • Lent 2020, Day 20: Get Confident, Stupid!

    Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You might remember me from such self-help films as, “Smoke Yourself Thin” and, “Get Confident, Stupid”.

  • Lent 2020, Day 12: “I am nothing.”

    I could be a prophet like Isaiah, wise like Yoda, loyal like Dumbledore, powerful like Professor X, or cute like Baby Yoda, if I don’t have love, I am nothing.

  • Lent 2020, Day 10: Love Lessons.

    L is for the way you look at me
    O is for the only one I see
    V is very, very extraordinary
    E is even more than any romcom that you adore