Lent 2023, Day 23: Here’s to the little wins.

The oven’s pilot light.

This is a post dedicated to the wins of life that are so small yet so meaningful. Like a couple of weeks ago when my building’s gas was shut off for some emergency work and then when it came back on, I found myself at a lost to how to relight my oven’s pilot light. I’ve relit the stovetop ones more times than I could count, but K has always been here for the dang oven’s. Except two weeks ago when he had to work late. And I really needed to use the oven.

Z quickly pulled up a how-to on Youtube, and within seconds, that blue light was aflame, and I was beaming like I had just lit the Olympic torch.

I did it!

Following is a list of gratitude for the little things:

  • For the lavender syrup I ordered that makes my tea extra yummy.
  • Thomas‘ texts of poetic whimsy.
  • Kiki‘s TikTok recommendation to follow Aaron (on Instagram here).
  • How excited my Sunday School kids are when I pull out my bag of crafts.
  • My hot glue gun and craft sticks which help me prep said crafts.
  • Z’s budding talent in cooking.
  • This final season of Picard.
  • Good veggie tacos.
  • Guava juice.
  • Advancing in Duolingo.
  • You. You reading this right now. Thank you.
  • Make a list of ten “little things” that you’re feeling grateful for.

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