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Lent 2022, Day 6: Restore Our Life.

"As starlight ends our days"


“Jesus is my Boyfriend”

My stepmother Kathy playing at my brother’s wedding in October. Great post at Musings of a Hardlining Moderate about schmoopy Contemporary Christian Music: I’m fond of the criticism that too many worship songs today fit the “Jesus is my boyfriend” genre. It’s no longer a matter of narcissitic, trite lyrics chalked full of superficial reflections…


Lent 2023, Day 23: Here’s to the little wins.

"Give me some good news, give me some cute shoes"


Some Sunday Stuff: November 7th.

A look at Kanye through kayfabe, the rocky road of repentance, the wild life of the real Rufus Buck, the capital poetry in Nova Scotia, and music from Natalie Merchant.