Trashing Dash


While I was surprised that actress Stacey Dash came out on Twitter in support of Mitt Romney as president, I wasn’t surprised by the heated backlash she faced once she did. After all, I’ve learned from the Mia Love criticisms, people can be disgusting towards those on the other side of the political aisle. It can turn downright vicious when you share the same color. From Twitchy:

Dash called “House Negro,” “Uncle Tom,” and “Oreo” by Obama supporters

Dash accused of not being Black enough

Dash urged to kill herself

Really? Really??? Okay, so yeah, these comments are coming from random folks on Twitter. Oh, and by the way, Twitter users, please know your 140 characters are not invisible. If you really want to put yourself out there, be ready to have your words, name and picture be permanently up for any random website to screenshoot and share. Anyway, there were even some celebs who decided to trash her. 

Smh. As I wrote regarding Love, “Folks, time to realize that everyone is different. Yes, even immigrants, Latinos, Blacks and women… I find it deeply offensive that in 2012, people still believe all Black people must vote, dress, act, think and be the same. I find it most offensive that almost all of the people doing the smearing are Black.” Again, I know it’s hard to conceive, especially from the preternaturally beautiful Dash, but not all Black folks are Democrats, even when they’ve been hanging in Hollyweird for decades.

When I wrote about Love, FAR reader E-Love commented, “I AGREE with Your Premise but in REAL-LIFE Your Premise is LOST on The OBVIOUS (As FAR As Black Folks TRADITIONAL Political Thinking…) .” And yeah, we are definitely seeing this with Dash. Step out of line, get ready for the firing line. On a good note, this has gotten Dash a whole lot of publicity. And in Hollyweird, any kind of PR is still PR!

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