Lent- Day 9: Frank Underwood doesn’t understand Jesus.


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(House of Cards, Season 3)




 Don’t worry, Frankie-boy, I don’t totally get him either.


Let me back up. Today Netflix released the third season of the highly acclaimed series, “House of Cards”. It stars Kevin Spacey as scheming politico Francis “Frank” Underwood, and Robin Wright as his equally ambitious wife, Claire. 


I’m a huge fan, and I believe it to be one of the best television series ever… even if it’s not actually a TV (in the traditional sense) show.


Before seven this morning, I was already parked on the couch, mug of coffee in hand, streaming the first episodes of this latest season. But alas, the real world (and the shower) beckons, so I had to stop to prepare meals, wash dishes, do Zoe’s lessons for the day, and you know, bathe.


Even stiill, I’m over half way through the episodes. And there’s no way I could not reference one of the scenes here. Now, this isn’t going to be a Spoiler. I’m not giving away any plotlines or story arcs. Still, if you want to know absolutely nothing, skip this post. I totally understand.


For those remaining, in Chapter 30, Frank finds himself in a Catholic church speaking to a priest (played by John Doman of “Gotham”, “The Wire”). He’s troubled, and asks a number of hard questions about death, love and murder. The priest tells hims that the most important things to remember is to love God and others wholeheartedly (which is what Jesus says are the most vital of all laws). Frank counters that a person can’t “love the people you kill”. The priest then talks of how Jesus loved even those who killed him. Frank, astounded, asks why Jesus didn’t fight back. He continues:


“I understand the Old Testament God whose power is absolute, who rules through fear, but Him…”


Frank finds himself gazing at a crucifix, incredulous.


And well, on this, and most likely only this, I agree with Francis Underwood. Jesus Christ’s life, ministry and ultimate self-sacrifice, is beyond belief.



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 (House of Cards, Season 3)



Reflection of the day: Jesus is amazing.



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