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Aren’t they the cutest? Lily-Grace and Theo, musicians already!



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Introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Aja and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I am a stay at home wife and mother. Before that I was a model based in NYC for many years.

I am a happily married mommy :) My husband, Paul, is a Scotland native who has lived in NYC long enough to be considered a Brooklynite but not long enough to be rid of his amazing accent :)

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Tell us about your children:

I have two children, praise God! :) Lily-Grace is 27 months old. She is gorgeous, super intelligent (don’t know where that came from because her father and I are really not that smart ;) , hilarious, sensitive sweet, friendly and very very funny. I would say her favorite past times are reading the Bible, dancing and squealing with joy! I would consider her a strong willed child.


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My new son, Theo, is 4 months old and he is SUCH a joy! Honestly, he is BEYOND joy! He’s handsome, sweet, loves to laugh and giggle and get kisses and he is ALWAYS smiling! He’s HUGE at nearly 20 lbs (our family has big genes) and so far he is pretty much the perfect baby. I’m saying that because I know how it is to have a more demanding baby (temperamentally speaking), and he is SOOO chill! He sleeps through the night like a dream and can go a whole day, easily, without crying. He really only cries when he’s hungry. I’m LOVING the infant stage with him!!!


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Tell us about your births.

I hesitate to go too in depth with my birth stories because they were both pretty traumatic, but since you asked I’ll try to abbreviate. Lily-Grace was born by c-section after 42 hours of grueling, drug free back labor. It turned out she had the chord wrapped around her arm, leg and neck, so while her heart rate was fine, she wasn’t descending. We started out at a birthing center but she ended up being born in hospital. We call her our first miracle baby.

Theo was born by emergency vacuum delivery after nearly 20 hours of labor. His delivery was a complete nightmare! He had shoulder dystocia. When the doctor got his head out, the chord was around his neck, so he cut it, only to find that they couldn’t get him out because his shoulder was trapped under my pelvis. They called what is called a “code” and about 30 hospital staff ran in the room and a woman basically beat my pelvis with her fists to apply counter pressure in order to get him out. When he finally came out he was deep blue, limp and silent. His first APGAR score was 3. My husband and I were traumatized and all we could do was pray. In that few minutes, his second APGAR score went up to 8! Hallelujah! :) We were both in the hospital for 6 days after that; Theo, in the NICU and me recovering from a badly bruised pelvis. I guess that just makes what a sweet baby he is that much more of a blessing because we almost didn’t make it. My children were 4 and 5 days late and 8.12 and 9.9 lbs respectively…



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