Speaking of Lecrae…

So as I’m enjoying a few Z-free minutes (thanks Babe!), I logged on to Facebook and noticed a storm a-brewing over a bunch of status updates by Lecrae, who was included in a post on Gospel Hip Hop artists I put up earlier. Looks like he decided to step into the Same Sex Marriage debate:






He then posted a link to a book on marriage available through Amazon. Then, perhaps reading some of the uglier comments, he wrote:












I’ve really got to go put dinner on, but I wanted to add a quick comment or two. I give Lecrae credit for even opening up a point of dialogue on his Facebook page given how immensely heated this topic is. It was definitely a bold move. I don’t believe he was setting out to offend anyone, although I’m sure he lost a few fans today. I didn’t read  judgement in any of those posts, but plenty of people did, and let him know it, too. I wanted to add, though, that I do believe he used incorrect logic. Two consenting adults is not the same thing as a couple of 13 year olds. Also, although that whacked out “Notebook” Director thinks incest is “okay,” (shudder), that’s definitely *not* what SSM proponents are fighting for. When these examples are brought up as reasons to forbid SSM, they do offend (honestly, most incest is not consential- it’s rape), and they’re usually shotdown as being poor smokescreens for religious folks. I think an appeal to Natural Law would go a lot farther. Anyway, gotta go for now!


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