Ads to make even Don Draper blush.

Okay, maybe he wouldn’t blush, but he wouldn’t give all these the stamp of approval. My friend Wafi passes on this link to Pickshur:


In the present age of marketing, advertisements often tend to cross limits in a race to elevate the sales or to get the limelight of media. Advertisements often use lies and exaggerations as their main tool for grasping the attention of the masses. But what line did advertisements cross in the past? The answer lies in these offensive, racist vintage adverts:



Ha ha, we broads are so annoying, you just can’t blame a guy for asking, right? Is it always murder? Or justifiable homicide? Although I’m not quite sure what this has to do with postage meters…





Oh, it wouldn’t be an awesomely awful collection of offensive ads without some type of picture of a Native in some type of headdress with a requisite teepee in the background. Even better, he talks about having a “White Heart” despite his “Dark” skin, which is why he ponies up cash for the Canadian Patriotic Fund. Oh, Canada.





Yeah, I just can’t with this one.



For 14 more cringe-inducing ads selling misogyny, racism, and even violence, click here.



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