Welcome to East of Eden!

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Happy New Year and welcome to East of Eden! After blogging at Far Above Rubies for nearly four years, I’ve decided to move on. But it’s not so much of an end as a transition. Pretty much the stuff I wrote about there will carry on over here. So why the change? Well, for starters, Blogger can be a royal pain at times. I’ve mysteriously lost whole posts, comments have never showed up, and I was getting hit with too many spambots behind the scenes. I never liked keeping up the comment restrictions, but I preferred it to having my readers subjected to comboxes full of joint cream ads (By the way, why joint cream ads? I can’t even join AARP for like twenty years! Geesh!).


Also, I haven’t felt totally at home with the title “Far Above Rubies” since… ever. A quick Google search of the term reveals not only is it way overused, but it’s usually the moniker of some nice homeschooling group from the Midwest. Or some nice Southern Baptist lady with a blog, a Bible and receipes for macaroon brownies (which I’d love to sample). In other words, not an on-point descriptor of me. While I still strive to be that Proverbs 31 woman, with her early rising, fabric business and organized home, I’m not there yet.


So why East of Eden? With “Eden” in the title, there is a direct Biblical reference. But the “East of” part is key. I’m not in paradise, I’m not in some utopian state. I like the east reference because I’m from the eastern part of the U.S. (Jersey Strong!). It’s also the title of my favorite John Steinbeck novel. If you get a chance and haven’t already done so, read it.


I also love the new digs, don’t you? I have to stop a sec and thank my wonderful husband, Keiron, for coding all this into an actual wonderful, working website. Some lovers pen sonnets or compose songs to their muses; my K purchases domain names and builds websites. Tel est l’amour.


Take a look around, hope you find this site much easier to navigate. Please feel free to share your opinion, and bare with us as we move the 700+ posts over. We’re like ten percent there. Sigh.


And again, Happy New Year!

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