Twenty Questions: Mad Men

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I haven’t done a Twenty Questions in a while, so what better way to kick it off here at East of Eden than with last night’s season premiere of “Mad Men”? If for whatever reason you didn’t watch it but are planning to, needless to say, don’t read any further. Spoilers galore abound.



1.) Since Megan is a smashing success on the small screen, is it confirmed that she’s just “one of those girls” who are good at everything as discussed by Peggy and Joan in Season 5?


250px-S6 Sally 04


2.) How nasty is Sally– in pretty much every scene?


3.) Did you notice the spectre of death that hung throughout the premiere- the doorman, Roger’s mom, the state trooper who tore Betty a new one for her reckless driving, etc.?


4.) Will Pete be able to play stand-in for Red Forman from “That 70’s Show” by the time the series rolls into the 70s for it’s seventh and final season?


5.) Do you like the stairway to heaven in the expanded Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office?


6.) How many Bobby Drapers have there been? Three? Four? I’ve lost count.




7.) How about the hair style changes? Peggy’s beau Abe and copywriter Michael have gone all shaggy and of course, Betty has gotten mighty dark.


8.) How disgustingly creepy was Betty’s jealousy-fueled comments about Henry hypothetically raping Sally’s friend Sandy?


9.) I mean, really, what the hell was that? I’m with the Atlantic critics who are now labeling her as “WTF Betty” because that was just straight crazy.




10.) Are you surprised that Don is back to his cheating ways? I’m not, actually. I am disappointed, but surprised? Ha.


11.) How poignant was Sandy’s comment to Betty during their late night chat that, “It’s incredible how fast some people come up with lies,”? Yes, yes, yes.


12.) What’s up with the faux-transcendental hope many of the characters have of running away from the suburbs to nirvana somewhere out west? Sandy was willing to trade her musical aspirations (and her instrument) for a ticket to there (wherever this supposed paradise is… California? Ha.).


13.) Isn’t it rich that Don claims not to want to trivialize “love” but is gleefully cheating on Megan?




14.) Any feelings on this season beginning at the close of 1968, therefore sidestepping one of the most tumultuous years of a decade of upheaval?


15.) I didn’t think it was possible to get Roger to look unattractive, but I was wrong. Isn’t he an ugly crier?


16.) Really, Don? Puking at Roger’s mom’s memorial? Really?


17.) While it’s great to see Peggy confidently leading, isn’t it a bit disheartening to see her barking at her staff a la Don?


18.) What do you think the Private’s lighter symbolized?


19.) Dante’s Inferno as light beach reading? Mad, indeed.


20.) What are your predictions for this season? Will Don continue to do battle with himself? And which Don will win? Will Betty ever be… less miserable? Will Henry’s political star to continue to rise? Will Roger continue his whiny therapy sessions? Will he and Joan ever be together officially?

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