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My latest drawing… Me.



I’m in a strange mood. Not a bad mood. Just strange.


For the past couple of days, I’ve had the song, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult stuck in my head. Especially the opening chords. Don’t know why. I think it’s not so much about death as change. I’m in the mood for that. Besides, how cool is that opening? Cowbells and all.



Along with classic rock songs, my brian has been filled with questions on what being a Christian really looks like. Discipleship. I’ve been sitting and pondering, does my life look like Christ’s? Am I showing true love? Sacrifice? Kindness? I’m beyond horrible at self-evaluation. I am my own biggest critic. So I have to look at my actions and start from there. If you shall know a person by their fruit, I can try to look at mine.


I think my fruit is underdeveloped. Not shriveled up and spoiled, but far from ripe. 


I don’t like that. If tonight were my time to meet the reaper, and my fruit was up for harvesting, I wouldn’t have much in my basket.


You reap what you sow. Time for me to get farming. It is spring and all.


What are  you reaping?

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