Lent- Third Sunday: We are able.

Pharrell Williams Able Cover

(Image Source: Dancehall Hiphop)


We’re a few weeks into Lent 2017, and things have gotten real for me. Making a blogpost EVERY day after an extremely lax non-writing schedule over the past year has been a real challenge.

I miss sugar, too. I gave up sweets (well, most sweets, because I’m still eating fruit), and I miss peanut M&Ms a whole lot. And brownies from Starbucks or those triple chocolate cupcakes from Barnes & Noble that even K loves and he’s not a big chocolate-fan.


So today’s song is Pharrell Williams’ “Able” from the soundtrack of the hit film Hidden FiguresAs the song (And former Prez Obama) goes, “yes we can”. We can keep going during this season, looking ahead to Easter. And chocolate Easter bunnies.





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