Lent- Second Sunday: Blessings.


(Image Source: Genius)


“If I ever took a loss, I learned a lesson”
“Blessings”, Lecrae


I lost three followers from this blog’s Facebook page over the past week and a half- you know, since I started these daily Lenten posts. Ha.

While I’m disappointed, I’m not shocked. I’ve been blogging off and on now for the better part of 8 years, and I’ve never been close to popular. Or even well-liked. But I have met people from all over- Boston, NYC, the UK, and even as far as South Africa- because of these posts. So I’m incredibly blessed to have gained a few friends online, Facebook “likes” be damned.

Here’s the song for the day, Lecrae’s “Blessings”, featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Have a great (rest of the) weekend:





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