Lent- Day 35: The Last Temptation of Alisha.

IMG 8272


Beloved, my husband brought home the cake pictured above. Along with a large tray of brownies.

There was a bakesale at his job, he said, and well, he brought me… a cake. And a large tray of brownies. 

As I mentioned earlier in this Lenten season, I gave up sweets until Easter. So I haven’t so much as popped a peanut M&M since February.

And here we are, at the start of Holy Week, looking ahead to celebrating… and my husband, the man I vowed to love and honor before God, came strolling into our home with some kind of green frosted chocolate cake. And a large tray of brownies. Oh, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

But not today, Satan. There is NO TEMPTATION that has overtaken except what is common, Beloved, and GAWD is faithful, and He will PROVIDE a way out. So I’m going to flee temptation, keep on keeping on, and I ask you to pray my strength in the Lord.

















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