Lent 2022, Day 3: Optimism.

Kelli Anderson: “Optimism” process. [Source]

I zipped up my tan teddy bear coat, and wrapped a lavenderish knit infinity scarf around my neck this afternoon before heading out. It’s early March in Jersey, and although a bright, sunny day, it was only in the upper 30s, so I made sure I’d be warm.

Still, something about hearing birds chirping and seeing blue skies made me happy as I began to think ahead to Spring. A few more weeks, and I’ll be able to hang the coat and knit scarf up and pull out my jean jackets, no worrying about wind chills for awhile.

I came across a lovely stop motion poetic film called Optimism, a collaborative work by Maria Popova, Kelli Anderson, Jane Hirshfield, and Zöe Keating, at The Marginalian, and it captures that spirit- of endurance, hope, perseverance- that feels me with excitement.

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Some Scriptures on persevering:

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