Lent 2022, Day 2: No, Kiki, you don’t have to give up anything.

Nothing. [Image Source]

I was talking to my girl Kiki earlier about Lent, and she mentioned how people on Twitter (99% of the time, any sentence that begins with “People on Twitter” should be perceived as a giant red flag) were coming down on a woman for having the temerity for saying she wasn’t going to be giving up anything for Lent. Obviously, according to those most holy of holy interlocutors, she, and all who forsake the tradition of sacrifice, abstinence, and pertinacity, are not observing Lent correctly. Or something.

What I told Kiki, I’ll now share with you: You don’t have to give up a thing (I know this isn’t necessarily the case for all Christians like some Roman Catholics or Eastern Orthodox). Yes, it’s an important part of Lent, but it’s not the only way to “do” Lent. Instead of subtracting, try adding: wake up 15 minutes early to pray, read Scripture, journal, or meditate. Instead of giving up sweets or caffeine, eat more veggies and drink more water.

Or maybe don’t subtract or add. Because you’re a person, not a math problem. Try just… being. Really. I mean after the past two years, maybe God is calling you to rest. The point of Lent is to prepare for Easter, to the fulfillment of hope, and the power of Love.

Remember, traditions are made for people; people are not made for traditions.

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