Lent 2020, Day 8: A Post of Praise.

Kiki and me 🙂 (Photo cr: Z)

Today I spent most of the day in a doctor’s appointment. Outside in the waiting area, Z was holding court, playing Roblox, and chatting, and impressing other patients. While I was having vial after vial of blood drained from a vein in my left arm drawn, I didn’t have to worry if she was okay. I knew she’d be fine.

She was being cared for by my friend Kiki, who’d prayed for me when my sister died, listened to me bawl as I watched my dad waste away after a stroke, and stayed on the phone with me as I spent weeks in Chicago undergoing a stem cell transplant. She’s been a part of my life now for nearly 9 years.

And today, for the first time, I met Kiki in person.

The internet may be the harbinger of the death of modern society, but it helped birth our friendship in 2011. It also helped birth an ill-fated tumultuous relationship I had with a Philly-area drummer in 2007, but that’s a topic for another post some other day.

Instead, I’ll end this by saying I’ll forever be grateful that Kiki can be counted on to talk Marvel movies, politics, Black Twitter, food, marriage, Scripture, and… well, she can be counted on. It’s amazing how God works through.

It’s an us-ie.

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