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I figured I’d write this to answer a few questions that might be floating around in your head.

What is wrong with you?

Haha, I get this question a lot. Mainly, because I’m kind of weird. But also, because I have a variant of Chronic Inflammatory Demyleniating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). You can read more about that here.

I started feeling “off” about seven years ago, but it was such a minor thing then, it didn’t interfere with my everyday life. Plus, my doctor told me I was fine and I was just probably stressed. Fast forward to 2009, and about six months after my wedding, things began to fall apart. I was constantly tired, and I had intermittent numbness and what felt like electric shocks in my legs. My sleep was disruptive, my stomach was constantly doing flips and I had year round allergies. My balance and coordination were taking major hits. After seeing about 12 doctors (!), I was told I had a sensory neuropathy. It wasn’t until late December 2011/January 2012 that my newest (and best) neurologist diagnosed me with CIDP.

What’s your daily life like?

Crazy, but not because of the illness. No, the insanity comes from being a Stay at Home Mom to 14 month old Zoe. She loves Cheerios, bananas, music, screaming, other babies, her daddy, pulling my hair, Elmo and clothes. I love her.

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 Zoe enjoying lunch at Bennihana’s on Saturday.
Once a week I get intraveneous immunoglobin right at home, administered by my very awesome nurse Melissa. I’ve been getting this treatment once a week for nearly eight months, and it’s definitely helped. Many of my symptoms have either gone away or been lessened greatly. Also, I no longer have any fear of needles, and have learned how to multitask, like changing a diaper while hooked up to a IV. 🙂
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But I cook, vacuum, wash dishes, clean, drive (insert joke about Jersey drivers here), go to church, blah blah blah. So… yeah.
Is your daughter sick? Did you pass on the CIDP to her?
No. And no. It’s not hereditary. Despite the snooty doctor’s opinion that I should terminate, Zoe couldn’t inherit this. I have an autoimmune disease caused by an antibody attacking my sensory nervous system. It’s really my problem. Interestingly, while I was pregnant, the disease kind of went into remission. I felt so good in fact, there were times I forgot I ever had anything wrong at all.
So what is this blog about?
Please read this.
Again, thanks for coming and feel free to stay awhile!
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With my handsome hubby of nearly four years, K.

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