Holla Holla!

Despite my general dislike of Ja Rule’s music/voice/rapping skills/career, I have “Holla Holla” stick in my head. I just posted this pic on Facebook:


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That’s my latest rankings for the “Free Run” in Wii Fit. Well, I can’t run more than a few steps thanks to the CIDP, so that’s my walking stats, which I can manage because once my balance starts to get whacky, I have plenty of fill-in-a-pinch balance bars- like the back of chairs. This is also the only way I can do lunges safely. I’d say hands down, my balance coordination deficiency is the most frustrating and disabling part of having CIDP for me. Thanks to IVIG, most of the pain is tolerable. But the fact that I am stumped by steps? Makes me want to pull my afro out.


Anyway, I did over 3.3 miles in 20 minutes. Pretty dang good. Upon seeing the above pic on Facebook, my friend Naomi wrote, “Holler”, which led to the “Holla, Holla”. Over the course of the past ten or eleven months, I’ve lost about 20 pounds. I don’t have a decent before and after to show you, but you can check out a preggie me and a shot of me from last October:


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I can be very self-deprecating. It annoys the crap out of K. So let this post stay positive, and be a testament to the fact that I’m proud of myself. I really didn’t think I could do this. Really. I’m quite thankful to God. As much as I’d love to join a gym or do Zumba like most of my friends, I can’t. But I have done  this. I hope it encourages someone out there.


Now, enough talk of weight. My “Pledge” to you. Okay, now no more Ja Rule, either.

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