Easter Hope.


The Good Shepherd choir at the 10AM mass yesterday.


Happy Easter! I hope you had a blessed Triduum. I definitely did. I went to Good Friday service and was moved by the seven last words of Jesus. “Into your hands I commit my spirit.” How powerful. I’m challenged to commit myself to God, not only in death, but repeatedly, daily even, in life.


Yesterday morning, K, Z and I headed off to church, which, as usual, was far more attended, lol. It was a very lovely service. Afterwards, my pastor’s son, Ramon, pulled on a giant bunny suit and took pictures with the kids (and us grown folks, too).






Zoe was unusually quiet through most of the day. I think she was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the excitement of the day. She did get happy at the sight of two cute little cousins in the pew in front of us and the giant bunny, of course.





After church, we headed to a diner for lunch with my family. There was some real awkward moments- my dad questioning how Zoe wound up with such soft shiny curls while I clearly have… un-soft, unshiny, not-curls, and my Grandmother’s shock (horror) at noticing my nose ring (which I’ve had for seven years), and multiple tattoos.




But it was still worth it.



GGma (Great-grandma) and Zoe (and Uncle Joe)

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