Creatives Space: Jamila Tazewell

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I got an idea from a photo posted on Facebook by 11:11 creator Jamila Tazewell. The picture was her pretty little self beaming from behind a cool modern desk in her home office. She had just completed redecorating/reorganizing it. That little peak into her world got me thinking about how so many artistic people spread their creativity to their surroundings. Sometimes it’s just a little extra in their cubicle at work, or a wall of eclectic frames in their hall at home. While I was reading Matt Appling’s “Life After Art”, I was reminded of how across history and cultures, we see art- on cave walls, homes, and churches.


So I started harassing, uh er, requesting photos from some of my favorite Creatives. Would they mind sharing pictures of their spaces with my blog readers? And two of them got back to me so quickly, I just had to get this series started right away. First up, Jamila, since she is my muse! Thanks again!



My office before: SCARY!



This craziness was transformed into this super serene bedroom! OMG! Can you believe this is the same room?




So this was [her husband] Jai Gopal’s office before —




and this is what we turned it into! A super cozy “den” living room!



and then we turned our old living room into our office! We re arranged EVERYTHING!! Check out those labelled bins man!




and what I’m most stoked about.. my spot! I finally feel like I have the base command post I need to take 11:11 to the next level! 




She adds:


i really love your idea because i think having a inspiring ( and at least for me a clean and organized) space is so helpful for creativity, productivity and peace of mind. you may want to research the principles of Feng Shui for your post also. I have this book and its really good and helpful! check it out and then i think this is the whole book as a PDf.

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