Behind My Lens: MJ Mearns

Editor’s Note:


This first appeared at Jumping At The Sun last year.





New Jersey photographer MJ Mearns opened her vast portfolio to share some of her favorite pictures. She added personal commentary to each. Enjoy.



MJ Mearns - Sepia Daisies

Sepia Daisies: Crushed underfoot, delicate flowers are what is left of a memorial wreath at the Vietnam Vet Wall in Washington, DC.




MJ Mearns - Coffee

Whole roasted coffee beans smell so good I wish this could be a scratch and sniff photograph.





MJ - Mearns - Long Desert Highway

Long Desert Highway- What is at the end of the highway? We have to travel the road to find out.



MJ - Mearns - Starburst Flower

Starburst Flower: I wish I knew what kind of flower this is but alas Google has failed me….so far…



MJ - Mearns - Dead Tree

Dead Tree: I don’t know why this tree spoke to me but I feel like its saying “I may be dead but I am still useful” I imagine a wise old owl has taken up residence here.

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