11 AM, Tropicana, 6/6/08

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Five years ago today, K and I had our first date. I asked him out with help from a mini-green Post-It. I chose a local diner right down the street from our jobs. I figured 11AM would work, not too early for our day off, but still early enough that if it were a total flop, I’d still have the rest of the day to erase the bad date fumes.


I showed up a good fifteen to twenty minutes late, pulling my old red Hyndai Elantra into the spot next to his shiny silver Honda Civic. He had arrived on time. I stepped out, wearing brown open toed platforms, blue jeans and a loose black top. As I looked into his car, trying to judge if he looked upset for my being on colored folk time, I instead noticed how very sexy he was. He had on a black Yankee hat, slightly cocked to the side. He got out, long legs, brown skin, and sweet eyes, and then handed me a big, beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers.


How did I feel? To say I swooned would sound silly. Too overdone and overused and over the top. I was, afterall, an independent lady, quite jaded, and a bit cyncial. I had asked him out, afterall. I had peeped him. And I had done it so quietly, so on the sly, like I was just passing the IT guy a message when he came to look at my boss’ computer.


Oh, but I swooned. And blushed. I thought he’d have an attitude about my showing up late. Instead, he had a shy grin and flowers tied with a sheer orange ribbon.


He had me.


By the end of that date, which wound up stretching from a diner brunch to video games and movies and hours of talking (mostly me), we had casually discussed how we’d still kiss in front of our yet to be born (and really, until that moment, even considered) children. When he said goodbye, he lifted me up and spun me around in circles.  Dizzy, I clung to him with giggles. The world was spinning and he was so steady.


This morning, he kissed me, before heading off to work. Zoe, not to be ignored, squeezed herself between us. He leaned over and kissed her forehead. He then gave me another kiss, on the lips, in front of our daughter.


Five years on, the world spins, I swoon, and he stands firm.

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