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  • Some Sunday Stuff: April 16, 2023.

    Celebrating Black Life through photos, the mysterious underground city found in a man’s basement, why the color purple has become villainous, how copyright laws infringe on hip hop, and I’ll try not to set the world on fire, but no promises.

  • Some Sunday Stuff: October 31st.

    What’s scarier than old tyme Halloween costumes? Whatever the heck is going on in Facebook’s Metaverse.

  • billie

    Flashback Friday: The tragic last days of Lady Day.

      Billie Holiday the d’Orly airport, Paris, photographed by Jean-Pierre Leloir, 1958. (Photo Image and Caption via Abongond)   I was listening to “On The Media” a couple of weeks ago and the…

  • JayZShot

    Lent- Day 22: Wading in the nihil.

      Jay-Z in “On the Run” (Radio Lab)   It’s been a long, long day. Rainy, gray and layered thickly with foreboding. A real walking in “the valley of the shadow of…

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    Lent- Day 21: Silence is golden.

    Me in 2012 enjoying some early morning quiet. When Zoe was a baby, I would sneak out around 6AM, while she and K were still asleep. I’d high tail it to the…

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    Some Saturday Stuff: January 24th.

      Happy Weekend.   We woke up to snow this morning here in Jersey, and we may get some more early next week. Or not, since some meteorologists said we would this…

  • image1362-transfiguration2a

    Transfiguring life.

    (Source)   Yesterday was the Feast of The Transfiguration of Jesus, a day observed by millions of Christians worldwide. The story can be found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.…