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  • Lent 2020, Day 9: Sorry! Fresh out of that Jesus of Nazareth Holy Land Healing Masque™.

    But this week, upon hearing John 9, I thought: “What happens if we can’t get any of that special Jesus of Nazareth Holy Land Healing Masque™? Can I, Handicapped Alisha, neé Big Nose, still display the works of God?”

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    Water, ice and crumbling pearls.

      (Screenshot, “Boss”)    “I wonder what it’s like to take the shape of the space you’re in?” -Tom Kane, “Boss”     That scene, pictured above, from the defunct Starz drama,…

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    On Robin Williams and depression.

    Like millions, I was shocked on Monday when I heard the news that beloved comic actor Robin Williams had taken his life. I wound up in tears over my iPad, my nephew…

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        Although I have four cousins who are part German, I’m backing Pope Francis, uh er, Argentina.

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    Well, well, well.

          Zoe has started doing this thing where she walks up to me, arms crossed, and says slowly, “Well, well, well.” I don’t where she got it from, but everytime…