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  • Lent 2022, Day 10: No Justice.

    It’s not just a travesty of justice, but also a tragedy of humanity.

  • Some Sunday Stuff: Fourth Week of Advent, 2021.

    Peace, especially at this time of year, is usually depicted as being silent, or quiet. It is “Silent Night” come to life; it’s the sound of snow falling, and maybe it’s just a tad staid. But that’s not the peace that Dr. King fought for, and it certainly isn’t the peace the King of Kings taught us to live out. Real peace -like real hope, real love, and real joy- demands action.

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    Lent- Day 7: You say acquiescence, I say injustice.

    One of Martin Luther King’s mug shots. (Image source.)   I had IVIG infusion treatment, and my nurse Charlie shared with me about his time serving in the military in the early…