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  • Lent 2024, Day 32: And.

    “remember that which we already are:

    the very good of God’s creation”

  • Lent 2024, Day 30: Happy St. Joseph’s Day.

    Let’s hear it for Jesus’ stepdaddy.

  • The Decade of Wistful Thinking.

    “K, upon hearing that she had visited with us all in those final weeks, supposed her spirit was leading her to say goodbye, to give some closure. I held in my heart that suggestion, even as I knew I’d only get closure at my own death. My very act of living is a testimony of her death.”

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    Lent- Day 26: Waiting.

    We sat today, waiting. Waiting for my dad to die.   He was moved to hospice this week, and a little after 11 this morning, they shut off the respirator.   My…

  • simpcon

    Lent- Day 25: Sorry Ms. Jackson.

        I was visited again today by Friend 2 from last week. Repeatedly throughout her visit, the conversation veered into some of the more difficult areas of life- illness, breakups and death.…