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  • Lent 2020, Second Sunday: Won’t He Do It.

    Won’t He do it? He said He will!

  • hosanna

    Lent- Palm Sunday: Hosanna

    (Image Source: Youtube)   Happy Palm Sunday! Today’s song is Israel Haughton’s “Hosanna”. I hope you have a blessed Holy Week. Please remember to say a prayer for our Coptic Brothers and…

  • jmfearless

    Lent- Fifth Sunday: Fearless.

      Happy Sunday! Today’s musical pick is by Zoe, Jasmine Murray with “Fearless”. 

  • maxresdefault 1

    Lent- Fourth Sunday: I have this Hope.

    (Image Source: Youtube Lyric Video)   Over the past week, death has been a frequent topic on this blog, so today, I’ll just switch up the vibe with Tenth Avenue North’s “I…