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  • Lent 2024, Day 26: Does Jordan Peterson Get Christianity?

    Sounds like Kermit.

  • Lent 2023, Day 21: Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    I forgot to wear green.

  • Stained glass window of Mary holding baby Jesus.

    Lent 2020: Ash Wednesday

    A few minutes before noon, Zoe and I walked across the one-way street where our Uber had let us out, and headed up the sloping ramp into the church. It was dark…

  • 220px-Marianne Stokes St Elizabeth of Hungary Spinning for the Poor

    Some Sunday Stuff: November 23rd.

    Happy Sunday, All. I’ve been to church and Starbucks, the forecast for today and the next couple days is above freezing, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic.   In pondering what I’d post…

  • Some Saturday Stuff: August 2nd.

    Happy Saturday. I can’t believe we’re into August already. Time really does fly, and pretty independent of how much fun a person is having.   I wanted to start this post off…

  • jay z web 1

    Is rap poetry?

    Jay Z: a 21st century poet?   John McWhorter, writing at The Daily Beast, answers with a definitive yes:     To utterly naïve anthropologists sent to document the ways of Americans…

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        Although I have four cousins who are part German, I’m backing Pope Francis, uh er, Argentina.

  • 10177389 10204009461583229 682141066892938673 n

    Easter 2014

    I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately, since a good chunk of my free time has been taken up with the Horizon campaign or painting. As far as Horizon, I don’t…

  • Kid-Cudi-on-Arsenio-2

    Kid Cudi: Hip Hop is “holding us back as a culture”.

      Wow! Check out Kid Cudi on Arsenio, saying it’s time the whole “Money, cash, hoes” mantra dies.       Kudos to Cudi. He isn’t the first rapper to talk about…