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  • Lent 2024, Day 9: Flashback Friday: Nazi Summer Camps in NJ

    Boomerang of hate.

  • Flashback Friday: Frida and Eva.

    Flashback to that time when Mexican artist Frida Kahlo traveled to San Fran and painted a portrait of a Black woman… as a woman… not a caricature.

  • l father divine 600x400

    The Preachers: Father Divine, god to millions.

    (Image Source: NewsWorks)   I first heard the name “Father Divine” as a child from my mom, musing over her grandmother’s occasional penchant for following (via correspondence, radio or TV) some rather…

  • Annex - Shearer Norma NRFPT 09

    Some Saturday Stuff: December 13th.

      Norma Shearer (Source)     Hello, All. I feel like the last couple of weeks have been a blur. My dad is still in the hospital with pneumonia, but it looks…

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    The fault in my stars.

    I’ve never been into astrology.   Not just because I was raised that in fell into the category of the “occult” and was not to be dabbled in, but because it made…

  • IRAQ01-master675

    Convert, pay or die.

    Iraqi Christian women at church in June. (Source)     Over the last few days, things have grown dire for Christians in Mosul, a city in northern Iraq. From a July 18th…

  • meditation-6

    The dark night of the souls.

      (Source)   I just read a fascinating (and somewhat frightening)article at The Atlantic about the dark side of meditation.    Yes, the dark side.   Growing up going to conservative Christian churches and…