Her Story: I Went on a Missions Trip to India


I’ve known Cecelia Christmas for over a decade. We met when we worked as Teacher’s Aides at the childcare center on our college campus. She’s always been positive, warm, adventurous and sincere in her faith in God.

So I wasn’t too surprised when the 29 year-old Connecticut resident announced on Facebook that she was heading to India for a Missions Trip with her church, Cornerstone Christian Center.

CeCe, as friends call her,took some time off fro her day job as a pregnancy prevention facilitator, in order to make the exhaustive trip.  “I work at a residential facility where the youth are between the ages of 13-21 as well as… run groups discussing self-esteem, sexual risks for teens, contraception, goal setting decision-making and any other topics that effect teens today in various schools for high-risk youth.”




This wasn’t CeCe’s first Missions Trip, having traveled as a child with her mom, but she still felt concern. “This is my first mission trip as an adult… and this trip and where I was going took a lot of prayer and for God to make the trip happen because the trip was the most expensive… and the farthest we as a church have traveled.

“I needed to do this as an adult. This was something i wanted to do as an adult.”

Braille Bibles for the blind members of Victory Church.
So they headed off to  in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. For CeCe, the prayers, the expense, the days of travel were all more than worth it. “I would move to India long term because there is so much work to be done there.”











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