Twilight & butterflies.

 Joscelyne and Zoe enjoying the sunshine at the park in October.

I awoke this morning amongst thoughts of Joscelyne. I was barely awake, in that twilight stage between wake and sleep. I thought of Jos, and my “butterfly mug,” and ends and beginnings.

Back in the day, the two of us loved butterflies, in no small part due to Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly” album. We’d sing the title track together… well, I’d warble through it while she sang.

Around the same time, I remember at school one of the lower grades were studying butterflies, and as part of the project, got a caterpillar to observe. I haggled my way into getting one. I was surprised to learn how much of the caterpillar’s life was spent in that ugly cocoon. I was most taken aback by how short it’s entire life was. Creeping,crawling, cocoon, flight and death. It bothered me that just when it had gone through metamorphosis, just gotten it’s wings, it was over.

Along with the hazy thoughts of Jos and butterflies, “Closing Time” by Semisonic played in my head. Yeah, my subconscious lives in the late 90’s, I guess.

“Closing time/ Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

Yesterday, the world didn’t end. But for many, their lives did. Time flies, butterflies flutter, and new beginnings start at “The End.”

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