Some Sunday Stuff: January 26th.

So, um, as I’m typing this, I’m fighting back tears about the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash this morning. I’m heartbroken for his wife and three surviving daughters (the youngest, Capri, being only 7 months old). While I haven’t regularly watched NBA games in years, I had, at least loosely, followed Kobe’s career from his start as a teen wunderkind, to his retirement a few years ago. He was born the same year as my brother Joe, and I read with starry-eyed interest when he took one of my favorite singers, Brandy, to the prom.

So… I don’t much know what to say. So, my heartfelt thoughts and prayers for his family. This is such a wretchedly, horrid loss, and I, and millions upon millions worldwide, are so very sorry. As a tribute, I’m posting his Oscar winning animated short film, “Dear Basketball,” here:

I really don’t have it in me to write any more. May the Light of God shine upon Kobe and Gianna, and grant them eternal peace.

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