Some Saturday Stuff- April 20th

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What an insane news week, right? Tragedy and tears on Monday and by Friday, Boston is locked down and finally, relief and cheers. I spent hours yesterday glued to the news, which is something I haven’t done in a very, very long time. I found myself thinking of my blogger buddy Thomas a whole lot. He lives not too far from Boston, and was on high alert from late Thursday until last night. I’m so thankful the suspect was apprehended without further bloodshed, and I will continue to pray the victims of the explosion.


Allison at Rambling Follower wrote a great post called In the Aftermath of Boston: Lessons Relearned By the Wife of a World Trade Center Survivor. She shares:


Those of you who know my family know that Greg not only survived the attack on Tower One within 11 minutes of it collapsing, (he escaped from the 68th floor, step by step by step) but also that he worked that very day and for three years in the aftermath of the attacks, doing his job in media relations for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He wrote about the attack’s victims, one by one by one, and he also handled media relations for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site. 

What I learned from our long years of immersion in trauma is that terror can find a home in your heart if you enable it.
I learned that evil is real. I learned that the worst kind of terror is the kind you welcome into your heart and let settle in. I learned there is little that separates us from the “bad guys.” We all wake up every day with the capacity to give in to despair, and to violence. 
I pray we understand that evil is real. And that love and hope are far more powerful. 

Do read the whole thing. Karen Spears Zacharias wrote about the bombing on Wednesday:


A friend whose family is from Boston texted me last night: Why? she asked.  


Why is the question we always ask in the wake of tragedy.


It is human nature to ask that question. It’s almost as if we could find a rationale answer to the whys of tragedies then we could work the equation and stop the tragedies.

We Americans are hard-wired to work the equation. 


Walk into any bookstore and check out the self-help section. Whatever your problem, there is a book that guarantees it will help readers work the equation. Not to discount those books, some things can be helped by working the equation.


But the sort of thing that happened in Boston this week cannot be fixed by a self-help book. 

We will undoubtedly figure out the who behind the explosion.


We will undoubtedly figure out a plan of action to take against those responsible.


Talking heads have already taken to the air waves, drawing comparisons between the explosions in Boston and those in New York on 9-11.  They have interviewed Muslims to talk about their fears of being targeted as a result of people’s fears and anger. (Wonder does it ever occur to media that following up news stories about such explosions by interviewing Muslims is in itself contributing to certain ugly stereotypes of terrorists and terrorism?)


I texted back the only thing I know for sure about the Boston bombing.






Shifting subjects, reading “Life After Art” has inspired me to quit being so lazy about organizing our apartment. For far too long, I’ve let papers remain unorganized. Important papers, like birth certificates, bank statements and investment records. I use to tell myself I was too busy working full time. Then that I was too busy with a newborn. Then too busy trying to stabilize my health. Well, if I continue on, I’ll always have an excuse, and I’ll always have misplaced documents, too. Ridiculous. So, yeah, it stops here. Matt, your book keeps on giving. (Go get it!)


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Remember I said I picked up some new makeup last Saturday? Well, that pic gives you an example of what I was referring to. Bright orangey-red. Turns out, I love it. The lipstick, by the way, is from Milani, a low cost drug store brand that is perfect for experimentation. I forgot to mention, I also got Beyonce’s Heat Rush bodymist. It was selling for under ten bucks and I figured, “What the heck?” You know what? I like it. It’s not nearly as musky as the original Heat perfume and has some light citrusy notes.



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On the homefront, I’ve been making so many smoothies around here, K says our kitchen is beginning to resemble a juice bar. He’s right. I love that we’re managing to get in great veggies like carrots, spinach and kale for breakfast without it seeming like it. I love even more that Zoe is no longer terrified by the sound of the blender. Nervous, but not terrified.


I’ve been drawing some pictures for K. “Love” in sign language. Using myself as hand model. I’ve got it pretty much finished now (including the “e”, not pictured below). More on that in the future.


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Did you hear that Juanita Bynum was arrested? I’ll skip the prophet jokes. Just way too easy. Would you spend $25K on hair weaves? Nah, me, neither. But Leila of Black Girl with Long Hair shares the story (via Huff Po) of one woman who did just that. Part of me is like, “What the hezzy?!” But then, since going natural a few years ago, I’ve probably saved a couple thousand no longer going to the salon to get my own hair fried and dyed on a regular basis. Oh, and coming soon, an interview with Leila. And it’s FIYAH! She gets real about balancing a booming website and being a wife and new mom. Can’t wait to publish it. 🙂


And cause I like closing with music, “Sinnerman” by the wonderful Nina Simone. Goodness, everytime I hear this track, I want to simultaneously shout like I’m in a little Southern full gospel church and rock out. It’s really one of my favorite songs. Ever. And if you think I’m overstating it’s power, think of how it’s been sampled by Jill Scott and Talib Kweli. Dope.



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