Lenten Update: #1


After posting the pic of ashes on my head on Facebook a week ago, I caused a minor stir amongst friends who headscratchingly didn’t realize I attend an Anglican/Episcopal church, despite my repeated references to doing so. In fact, the inbox and text questions kind of hurt my feelings. Although the iniquisitors claim to read this blog, they didn’t get this tidbit about my church attendance? What did they think I was talking about in the post about my last day with Jos?


Anyway, past of my sacrifice is skipping meat, sugar and alcohol Monday- Saturday. As much as I like my wine, it’s not really too big a deal. The no sugar? It hurts. I’ve been wanting to rip into the cookies we have in the pantry like everyday. I’ve seriously had to restrain myself. I really would love some chocolate, too. 


The meat abstinence has forced me to be creative. I’ve already made a cauliflower casserole, homemade bean burgers and some surprisingly good sauteed yucca. I’ll probably do something with eggplant today. We’ll see.


Here’s some pics of yesterday’s dinner.


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Baked sweet potatoes


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I didn’t have bread, so I made some (very large) Trini bakes.


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Bean veggie burgers



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Dinner! Next time I won’t get so creative after IVIG therapy. Too tiring!


Also, it’s an Ember Day. I like Susanne Barret’s post on these days from an Anglican perspective, and I’m going to make to pray for my pastor, as well as a number of other ministers in my life today. Also, I’m requesting prayer for my former classmate David, who had a heart attack. He’s doing alright, but let’s pray for a complete and speedy recovery.

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