Declaring God’s Glory through Nature




Daylight Savings Time totally got me this year. Although I’m an early riser by nature, on Sunday, I drowsily awoke to the shock that I had overslept and wouldn’t make it to church. Instead, I took my one year old daughter Zoe to a nearby park.

Pushing Zoe in her bright red stroller down a paved path, I stopped to show her the buds growing on the cherry blossom trees. In a few weeks, they’ll open to much delight. But I was smiling early. The whole park had that whole early spring vibe. It had snowed a few days earlier and giant, glistening puddles were left behind, making the path alternately shimmery in the sun and brown from mud, The weather was nice enough to skip the heavy coats, but still cool enough to warrant layers. Spring- and Easter- is almost here.


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