Some Sunday Stuff: March 30th 

April and Gary, happy new owners of "Gown Girl"     Good Sunday to you. I'm glad to report that my first two art commissions are residing with…

I almost died. 

    That title is, unfortunately, no rhetorical flourish. About two weeks ago, I nearly bit the big one.   Regular readers will know I…

No change, but plenty of tokens. 

Nicki Minaj in "The Other Woman"   My incredibly smart (and cute) friend Rajul writing at Racialicious about rapper Nicki Minaj's "staring" role…

Try living with a broken heart. 

A painting I did last week of my heart through shards.     Last week Rod Dreher posted a link to a story giving advice to Evangelical pastors…

One year. 

        One year ago today, my sister died. My love for her never will.   Through the loss of my other half, Joscelyne, I've come to tr…


    We got back to Dirty Jerz at some unGodly hour on Saturday morning. Safe and sound.   Friday was crazy. My feelings of dread on Thursd…

I'm starting to miss those cicadas. 

(WNYC)     Last month while at GiGi and David's, NPR somehow made it into our topic. I think David had mentioned eventually publishing hi…
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A peek inside Zoe's purse.



Billie Holiday

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"Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy"


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Check it out here.


I met God yesterday. Today I tried to report on it.


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  • Imitation of life.

    One of Philly's many murals. Taken by me in summer 2010.     I've been a fan of Rod Dreher for a few years now. I've followed him from Beliefnet all the way

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Monday, 31 March 2014
article thumbnail  Hey, can you take a few minutes to sign my petition to get Horizon BCBS of NJ to cover the stem-cell transplant I need and then share it...
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