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  • Lent 2023, Day 27: That the works of God may be displayed.

    “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

    JOHN 9:3

  • Lent 2023, Day 5: But still…

    I planned, God laughed.

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    Easter 2017

    Happy Easter! Sunday was very warm, bright and sunny. Our church’s sanctuary was decorated with many lilies and tulips, and the smell of incense wafted through the building. The sun’s rays poured…

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    Larry’s Daughter.

        About twenty minutes after leaving the graveyard where we laid my father to rest, I stood in line at the nearby Starbucks. It’s “my” Starbucks, the one I spent hours…

  • Paolo de Matteis - The Annunciation

    Lent- Day 31: Let it be to me.

    “Paolo de Matteis – The Annunciation” by Paolo de Matteis (Wiki Commons)       Today is the Feast of the Annunciation. For those unfamiliar, from Wikipedia:     The Feast of…

  • 220px-Marianne Stokes St Elizabeth of Hungary Spinning for the Poor

    Some Sunday Stuff: November 23rd.

    Happy Sunday, All. I’ve been to church and Starbucks, the forecast for today and the next couple days is above freezing, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic.   In pondering what I’d post…

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    Water, ice and crumbling pearls.

      (Screenshot, “Boss”)    “I wonder what it’s like to take the shape of the space you’re in?” -Tom Kane, “Boss”     That scene, pictured above, from the defunct Starz drama,…

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    Is rap poetry?

    Jay Z: a 21st century poet?   John McWhorter, writing at The Daily Beast, answers with a definitive yes:     To utterly naïve anthropologists sent to document the ways of Americans…

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        Although I have four cousins who are part German, I’m backing Pope Francis, uh er, Argentina.