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“Jesus is my Boyfriend”

My stepmother Kathy playing at my brother’s wedding in October. Great post at Musings of a Hardlining Moderate about schmoopy Contemporary Christian Music: I’m fond of the criticism that too many worship songs today fit the “Jesus is my boyfriend” genre. It’s no longer a matter of narcissitic, trite lyrics chalked full of superficial reflections…



Jon Acuff writes at Stuff Christians Like: Recently, someone emailed me a photo of this billboard[.] My first thought was, “Do you know why Jesus misses hearing you say Merry Christmas? Because no one said it to him in the Bible.” It’s true. When Joseph held the sweet baby Jesus in his arms, he didn’t…


To sing a requiem and such rest to her.

    “For in that sleep of death what dreams may come.”   Hamlet,  Act III, scene 1, line 66 I pulled into the driveway, and put the car in park. It was a risk, just showing up like this to see my sister, but I missed her. I pulled out my cell and hit…


Let it Be.

I’m sitting in the local diner writing this on my laptop, the diner being every good Jersey girl’s version of “The Max” that Zack and Slater hung out in “Saved By The Bell.” But I’m by myself, sans Lisa and Screech, so I guess this would be like a deleted “Jesse studies alone” scene that…


The Secret Life of B****es

No, no, no, not “The Secret Life of Bees”. The Secret Life of B****es! No Dakota Fanning in this category. I think.   I’ve worked with quite a number of men and women over the past ten years, and unfortunately, a few… how shall I put it? Well, I had the dishonor of working for…


Requiem for New Millennial Craptastic Trends

Rihanna and an umbrella-ella-ella. Eh-eh-eh.     Over the weekend, the hubby and I were watching the 2007 installment of VH1’s “I Love the New Millennium” which pondered such great questions as why did Rihanna add so many syllables to the word “umbrella” (“UM-BRELLA-ELLA-ELLA-EH-EH-EH”), and I started thinking of all the fads and trends that…


Get Hitched or Die Tryin’

  “Dying” to get married? You might have more in common with this man than you think.     I couldn’t blame my girlfriends. The girls, who upon learning of my impending nuptials last fall, reacted with varying degrees of annoyance and anger. Yes, I was disappointed, but I understood. I had been there too,…


What Happened to Miss Independent? She Became Mrs. De Freitas!

    What’s in a name? Everything to some, based on a number of critically biting comments I’ve received since changing my name to “De Freitas” after tying the knot last autumn. It might not be the new millennial, pro-women thing to do, but I had always known I’d do this since I was a…

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