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  • My Soldier Boy

    Dreams meet reality. Or, his life, his plans. But it’s all love.

  • It's 90's, 00's, and 10s Li- and in this post we'll do even more time traveling.

    Some Sunday Stuff: January 12th.

    Some of the biggest music trends of the teens, some of the top wedding gowns of the past century, some of the best children’s books of the past year, and some time traveling with Alicia Keys. It’s this week’s Some Sunday Stuff.

  • In praise of impermanence.

    2019, like my henna tat, is gone. But it’s all good.

  • Some Sunday Stuff: December 8th.

    Hola! I’ve been playing Christmas music all week… but haven’t pulled our Christmas tree out the closet yet. I did put the wreath on the door and some garland and lights up…

  • Living the parting hour.

    On the Death of Anne Brontë By Charlotte Bronte There’s little joy in life for me,      And little terror in the grave;I ‘ve lived the parting hour to see      Of one I would have…

  • IMG 9556

    Some Sunday Stuff: September 29th.

    Look, we’re obviously so busy and laser-focused on work and stuff. So busy we had to pose for a timed selfie, of course. How did I get here? I don’t mean here-here…

  • plasme

    Lent 2019: Uncommonly common.

    Still posing for selfies even with two needles in my chest for plasmapheresis… while wearing a jaunty beret. (taken March 2019)   Last Sunday, Z and I met up with my girl…

  • IMG 6860.1

    Lent 2019: Are you there God? It’s me, Alisha.

    Some of the contents of the inside and from the outside of the recently departed fridge.   I’ve had a few days lately that have made me wonder what is up with…

  • Mossimo Giannulli and his wife Lori Loughlin 1

    Lent 2019: Lacking merit in the meritocracy.

    (Image Credit)   In the midst of teaching Zoe about The Stamp Act and The Sugar Act, and a bunch of other lead-ups to the American Revolution this morning, news broke that…

  • Intensive Care Unit

    Lent 2019: Dreading the unexpected, even when it’s expected.

      (Image Source)   Last month, my mom was admitted to the hospital for a list of reasons: kidney stones, a urinary tract infection, dehydration, anemia, and the flu. When my brother…