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Some Sunday Stuff: First Week of Advent, 2021.

It’s beginning to look like… *record scratch*… Advent.


The Decade of Wistful Thinking.

“K, upon hearing that she had visited with us all in those final weeks, supposed her spirit was leading her to say goodbye, to give some closure. I held in my heart that suggestion, even as I knew I’d only get closure at my own death. My very act of living is a testimony of her death.”


Some Sunday Stuff: November 7th.

A look at Kanye through kayfabe, the rocky road of repentance, the wild life of the real Rufus Buck, the capital poetry in Nova Scotia, and music from Natalie Merchant.


Some Sunday Stuff: October 31st.

What’s scarier than old tyme Halloween costumes? Whatever the heck is going on in Facebook’s Metaverse.


Some Sunday Stuff: October 17th.

The Simpsons x Balenciaga, is Technology becoming a religion, the ugliest paintings of Baby Jesus, and how The New York Times trashed some of our most classic works of literature.

(And Adele is back!)


Flashback Friday: That Time in 1997 Archie Comics Predicted Virtual Schooling in 2021.

Move over Simpsons, looks like another beloved cartoon series was able to predict the future.


Lent 2021: Good Friday.

“It is finished.”


Lent 2021, Day 38: Maunday Thursday.

Learn to lead through serving.

Boynton Beach, USA - March 25, 2013: A Jewish family has prepared the table for a traditional Passover seder.  The Haggadah for the American Family will be read.  This Haggadah will tell the story of the exhile of the Jewish people from Egypt.  The seder plate and hard boiled eggs are also symbolic of the holiday.  The yarmulke on the table will be worn by the man reading from the Haggadah.

Lent 2021, Day 37: Please don’t cosplay a seder.

Let’s not, ‘k?


Lent 2021, Day 36: Muslims, Christians, and a shared truth.

I never considered that both Muslims and Christians believe this about Good Friday.

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