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Lent 2022, Day 16: Pray for Ukraine.



Lent 2022, Day 10: No Justice.

It’s not just a travesty of justice, but also a tragedy of humanity.


Lent 2022, Day 8: Life After Death.

He is. he is.


Lent 2022, Day 6: Restore Our Life.

“As starlight ends our days”


Lent 2022, Day 5: Rest. Remember. Guard.

Hey- even God took a break. Why aren’t you?


Lent 2022, Day 3: Optimism.

Stop Motion!
Spring!… wait, not yet. So

What Are You Giving Up for Lent?

Lent 2022, Day 2: No, Kiki, you don’t have to give up anything.

After re-reading my first paragraph, I’m thinking I should give up using SAT words for the rest of this Lenten series.


Lent 2022: Ash Wednesday.

It’s that time of year again, when millions of Christians worldwide commit to 40 days of fasting, prayer, tithing, and reflection. It’s also time for me to commit to being a regular blogger. So join me, won’t you, as I prepare for Easter, one day and post, at a time.


Some Sunday Stuff: Fourth Week of Advent, 2021.

Peace, especially at this time of year, is usually depicted as being silent, or quiet. It is “Silent Night” come to life; it’s the sound of snow falling, and maybe it’s just a tad staid. But that’s not the peace that Dr. King fought for, and it certainly isn’t the peace the King of Kings taught us to live out. Real peace -like real hope, real love, and real joy- demands action.


Some Sunday Stuff: Third Week of Advent, 2021.

I’m full of sorrow because I know I’m losing my mom. Yet, I will continue to choose joy; not fake toxic positivity that denies the reality of the situation or the depth of my heartbreak. No, I’m choosing joy through hope, joy in “faith through Jesus’ love”.

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To borrow some words from Drake, “I’m more than just a number.” But if I WERE a number, it would be 7. Since it’s God’s number, the 7th day is one to rest, and… well, I think it rocks. But if life were a scale of 1-10, then me being a 7 fits too, because I’m not perfect. I’m in my 30s, a Christ-follower, slightly off kilter (but aren’t all “ar-teeests”?), and happily married to K, my solidly strong rock. And Techie-extraordinaire. We are the proud parents of a smart and funny girl, Z. Hope you enjoy my rantings, don’t take my sarcasm too seriously and know that comments are welcome. Very welcome… ahem, HINT, HINT, HINT! But enough about me, time for this 7 to give it a rest. xoxox

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