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To my Z, on graduating 8th grade.

Keep God first, and remember, there’s always money in the banana stand.


Flashback Friday: Batman’s Very First Movie.

Spoiler alert- Joe Biden is still older.


Evangelicals, are ya’ll okay?

“Star spangled sacrilege”


Faith Over Fear

Stop doomscrolling.


Lent 2024, Day 39: I’m not a prop.

This post did not cost $14 million to be published.


Lent 2024, Day 37: Man gotta tell himself he understand.

‘Tiger gotta hunt,
bird gotta fly,
man got to sit
and wonder
why, why, why.

Tiger gotta sleep,
bird gotta land,
man got to tell himself he understand.’

Kurt Vonnegut


Lent 2024, Day 32: And.

“remember that which we already are:

the very good of God’s creation”


Lent 2024, Day 31: Prayer.

“Prayer is our humble answer to the inconceivable surprise of living.”

~Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel


Lent 2024, Day 30: Happy St. Joseph’s Day.

Let’s hear it for Jesus’ stepdaddy.


Lent 2024, Day 29: A totally cogent post written by AI.

AI killed the blogging star.

(And the non-stars.)

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