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  • jesus juggler

    Skywiring for Jesus

    Jesusgreek     Did you watch daredevil and Jesus enthusiast Nik Wallenda walk across the Grand Canyon on Sunday? I didn’t. I was a bit busy.   Anyway, I have to say,…

  • hank hill

    Hank Hill on Christian Rock


  • gay catholic church banner

    She’s Gay, but Catholic. And celibate.

    Flickr /Jess Pac   Thomas of The Crystal Tambourine passes along this story by Eve Tushnet, who writes at The Atlantic of being a lesbian and a faithful, practicing Catholic.    …

  • masturbation 1

    Master of your domain.

    (Source)       Off the blog, I have gotten requests for certain topics, and masturbation was one of them. Is it okay? For singles? For married couples? Why or why not?…

  • kf

    Kirk Franklin Runs Afoul of Gay Rights Activists

        From All Christian News, via The Old Black Church:   Gospel singer Kirk Frankin is now in the cross-hairs of the gay community for speaking out against homosexuality.  LGBT activists…

  • 349x380xmechurch.JPG.pagespeed.ic.n0cHO9LXU4

    Pesky Piskie Problems

    Man, I cannot find those earrings for the life of me!     I have been doing some more thinking about the Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori’s bizarre sermon bashing…

  • piper

    Follow the Piper (on Twitter)?

        In the wake of the awful tornado that leveled miles of homes, schools and hospitals and killed at least 24 people in Oklahoma, popular Reformed pastor John Piper sent out…

  • jefferts-schori

    Worse. Hermeneutics. Ever.

        Facepalm. Worse hermeneutics. Ever. Really. Reading stuff like this makes me embarassed to say I attend an Episcopal parish. Yes, that was so embarassing, I literally felt a shiver pass…

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    So you want to start a church?

        Just read a great article on starting a church. Great stuff to consider, from the Midwest Conservative Journal:   (1) Don’t reinvent the wheel. – Do you think worship should…

  • SCS-Logo1

    Stuff Christians Say

          Wow, we Christians are so weird. Hilarious, but weird.