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Joe played me. So I played movies.

Lord Save Us From Your Followers Tumblr     Yesterday, Joe was supposed to hang out with me and Zoe. We were going to hit up Starbucks and the park and enjoy the gorgeous 75 degree weather. But then Joe slept in and wiggled out of our date.   Not quite sure what to do…


Lent 2021, Day 31: You’re Wrong About.

So you want to "go back to normal," huh? Nah, you're wrong about that.


Lent 2021, Day 17: All that glitters.

A gilded cage, wrapped in pearls, diamonds, and gold, watched by billions, and lit by paparazzi lightbulbs is still a cage.


CoviDiaries: Advent & Hope.

As Advent began a week ago, I knew I was and am still lost in Lent. So I wait. My very soul waits. And I hope, hope that God will see us through.


Lent 2020, Day 30: Drown out the aloneness.

One of my neighbors opened her door a crack to leave, and upon hearing me and Zoe coming down the hall, quickly and rather loudly, slammed it shut. About 30 seconds after we walked past, we heard the door open and close and then the fumble of keys, and finally, quickly paced steps in the opposite direction. Social niceties and rules of engagement are different now.


Lent 2020, Day 2: The Odd Thing About Life.

Eat, drink, be merry. For [TBD], we die.


Some Sunday Stuff: January 26th.

So, um, as I’m typing this, I’m fighting back tears about the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash this morning. I’m heartbroken for his wife and three surviving daughters (the youngest, Capri, being only 7 months old). While I haven’t regularly watched NBA games in years, I had, at…


My Soldier Boy

Dreams meet reality. Or, his life, his plans. But it's all love.

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